Yes, I am still single!

An old post from a previous blog that is still very relevant!

Someone recently told me that I needed to make dating a priority in my life.  I laughed at them as they stared at me in disbelief that I wasn’t making it a priority; but “how are you going to meet someone”.  They cannot understand why I am not dating at every possibly moment!  So here is why..

I am currently at a stage in my life where, at last, I am quite happy and enjoying everything that life throws at me.  I am incredibly busy with work and play, that in all honesty I don’t really have much time to date.  This is not an excuse, nor is it me trying to make out how “cool” I am by saying I am busy.  I am busy, we are all busy, just some are busier than others.  I have a hectic job, a fab social life, lots of holidays and I want to spend time with my friends and family at the moment rather than date.

I have been a serial dater.  It was, in the beginning, exciting but then it became exhausting and expensive.  I couldn’t keep up with whether I was meeting Mike, Mark or Martin; whether they were from Tinder, Match, PoF, a blind date or a random find!  I found it a bit of a chore and I don’t think dating should be a chore.  I don’t think it is possible to date all the time and be excited by everyone you are going to meet.  And I want to be excited!

Being a serial dater made me realise how much I was missing out on outside of dating.  I could date every night of the week if I wanted to (we all could), with apps like Tinder and others so readily available, this is possible.  To me, it is a waste of my time (and his) to go out on a date with just any guy.  I have known before a few first dates that a guy isn’t going to be my thing, yet still gone out on the date and sometimes even a second date.

It is also fair to say that due to previous experiences in my love life my view to dating and guys has changed.  I have had my fair share of w*nkers in my life (blog posts to come on these), who have ruined my self-confidence and esteem, played games, lied, been cruel and made me contemplate living the rest of my life in solitary confinement in a nunnery.  So taking time to focus on myself, to be happy with myself and to spend time on then things that I think are important for me right now, is going to help me in the long-run and be a priceless experience for when Mr Right comes along.  

So in a nutshell to my lovely friend questioning my priorities.. my thinking, my priorities and my life has changed.  I just don’t want to date for the sake of it.  No one should date for the sake of it, there are too many other things going on in our lives!  Also, mind your own business 🙂

That is all!  


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