My Fab(led) experience..

As I get older I make more of an effort with looking after my face.  As my mum once said “your face is always on show and is with you forever so it needs to be looked after”, such a wise woman, who is right about everything!

I wanted to share my experience of a few visits to Fabled, a beauty store launched by Marie Claire in 2016.  The store is based on Tottenham Court Road, just up from Primark and next to Oasis and Waterstones.

My first visit to this store was by chance, I was walking to Waterloo from work and couldn’t help but pop in for a nosey.  Any girl who came across this store would walk in, it is so welcoming and perfectly set-up, a haven for any beauty junkie.  The plain white floors and cabinets make it look slick then colour pops out from the brand stands.  It is quite minimalistic, not too fussy and very easy to navigate.  There are no obvious till points dotted around like you would expect to see in a place like this, instead staff in the store use iPads for payments which makes it all seem more streamlined.

On the ground floor is make-up (everything from Bobbi Brown to Nars to Urban Decay to Delilah to lesser known brands) and perfume.  Upstairs is more focused on skin care and hair, with me gravitating towards the Dermalogica and Aveda stands.

At Dermalogica I was given a complimentary 10 minute facial, I believe this was an offer running as they had just opened  but would usually cost approximately £10 (a bargain for a freshly pampered face).  It was a great perk to receive in store.  My only complaint (although feel that the word complaint is too strong) is that they didn’t have sinks / running water on the stand.  I left feeling great with a face that was squeaky clean and made me glow, winning!

Between my first and last visit I have popped in every so often.  I love the Fabled Edits section that they have on show, these highlight the new season trends using the latest products and tricks.  The customer is at the forefront of retail experience at Fabled.  There are touchscreens meticulously placed throughout the store enabling the consumer to research and learn about brands and products.

The staff are attentive but not annoying and pushy like you get in some shops.  They seemed to know what they are talking about and their advice is most welcome.

My last visit was the most impressive.  I was out running errands for work and popped in on a whim as wanted a serum.  I was greeted by a lady called Jessica who worked at Bobbi Brown; she was welcoming, helpful and really listened to my skin concerns.  She happened to also ask if I fancied a quick make-over, oh go on twist my arm and thank god my boss was on leave.  I went in with dry, dull skin and left with a dewy glow that made me feel wonderful.  There was no hard sell and all the product details were neatly written down for me.  Maybe I was lucky that I got in there at a quiet time, but I am pleased I took advantage!

I have since ordered a couple of bits on their website, another great user experience.  You get 15% off with your first online order, brilliant!  I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived at my flat less than 24 hours later.  They have teamed up with Ocado so can ensure quick delivery of orders.

If you are passing it is well worth a visit, your bank balance may not thank you but your face and skin will be.


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