Singles Awareness Day..

Apparently today is Single Awareness Day.  Slightly ironic that it is the day after Valentine’s Day, as if we didn’t realise we were single yesterday! So you are single, so am I and thousands of others are too.  Big deal.  It isn’t the end of the world.

I know that I am not going to be on my own forever, none of us will be. At some point we will find that special someone.. but in the meantime it is crucial that I (and you) focus on me (you) and my (your) mindset.

The key to living life as a happy singleton is to remember that you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.  It is easy for us to look at ourselves and blame ourselves for being single, we have all done it.  In reality the dimple on my chin, my hockey legs and slightly ginger hair aren’t the reasons I am single, so I no longer focus on what my flaws are.

Being single, to some extent, is a luxury.  When else do you get the opportunity to be your main focus?  The time I have spent being on my own has been priceless.  I have learnt so much about myself, all of which will make me a better person when I am next in a relationship and has made me a better person in general.  I have worked on myself to become the person I deserve to be.  I am not afraid of being on my own and to be honest I am rarely on my own due to work, having an incredibly active and varied social life and having a great community of people around me.

Embrace being on your own and all the opportunities it brings.

What I love about being single me:

  1. I don’t have to shave my legs regularly
  2. I don’t need to share my food with anyone
  3. I starfish in bed and have the whole duvet to myself
  4. No text anxiety, no worrying about when a guy will call etc
  5. Being able to spend time with my friends
  6. Am happy as me with me
  7. My social life is varied and hectic
  8. I have the power to say yes or no to things
  9. I don’t want to settle for just anyone
  10. I don’t look back, dwell or think what if
  11. Embraced my flaws
  12. Don’t worry about what others think

Remember you aren’t alone, you have amazing friends and family around you.  It is better to be on your own than in the wrong relationship.  There is no point being with someone for the sake of it.  Life is too short.

Instead of “single” as a status I prefer “independently owned and operated”

Some people are good at being single, others not so much.  Being single isn’t a bad thing or a worry, it is a time where you can focus on the positives of life and more importantly yourself.  I see so many people moan and worry about being on their own, to be honest it frustrates me that people are unable to be happy on their own.  If you can’t be happy on your own, how can you expect others to be happy with you.

I am very much a glass half full type of person and the glass is always refillable.

Having time to yourself is priceless, you are the best project you will ever work on and you need to work at being the best person you can be.  I have learnt so much about myself being on my own, I definitely believe it has made me a better person and more importantly I know what I want.  It means that I don’t waste my time on things that don’t matter.

You are in control; the choices you make, how your think.

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko

Stay happy, focused, positive and just love being you.  Someone will soon be in your life who will very much appreciate the person you have become, it will be well worth the wait.

ST xo


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